The School was founded in 2005 and was originally situated at Sodnac SSS and then moved to Belle Rose SSS for a few years. 

In 2010, the school was transferred to Avenue Baissac QuatreBornes which is its actual location.  Construction of the school was completed in 2013 and it proceeded in three phases. 

This school is considered to be the most modern school offering state of the art facilities and people often refer to it as a five star school. 

To our knowledge no other school in Mauritius is a six storeyed building with lift facilities and underground parking.

Surface Area of the School Compound is 5020 sqmetres and it consists of 6 storeys, 30 classrooms, 1 staff room, 1 Hall/Gymnasium, 2 stores 1 Art Room, 1 Audio Visual Room, 2 Computer Labs, 2 Biology Labs, 2 Chemistry Labs, 2 Physics Lab, 2 Home Economics Labs, 1 Fashion and Fabrics Room, 1 Psychologist Room, 1 Rector’s Office, 1 Deputy Rector’s Office, 1 School Superintendent Office and 1 Administrative Office.  There is also a small kitchen corner for staff. 


Sport Activities such as Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton are carried out in the Gymnasium.